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Luxury apartment in East Saigon promises exciting transaction

According to CBRE, the high end apartment market in HCMC continues to expand to the east. Sales in 2018 are expected to increase by an average of 3%, of which the luxury and luxury segment will increase by 5%.

Beside wards with fast urbanization in District 2 such as Thao Dien, Thu Thiem, An Khanh, Binh Khanh …, Thanh My Loi has become a new focus for real estate businesses. Senior project. This area has a lot of land fund, located near the Saigon River, still preserves many natural green areas, infrastructure development.

Being planned as a new administrative center of District 2, traffic infrastructure in Thanh My Loi is quite complete with Dong Van Cong, Vo Chi Cong, Ring Road 2 … Ho Chi Minh City invested VND 500 billion via Diamond Island to connect smoothly with Thu Thiem urban center and District 1.

Real estate experts see the supply of apartments from 3 billion up in District 2 is not much because the products launched in the market last time reached a good absorption rate. The number of apartments traded in 2017 is largely derived from the projects that were offered in the previous year, while the new source of offers was not much, with limited supply resulting in high liquidity.

Victoria Village sở hữu vị trí đẹp, có tính kết nối cao.

Victoria Village owns a beautiful, highly connected location.

According to representatives of Novaland, these factors show that the East of Ho Chi Minh City in general and Thanh My Loi in particular are converging many favorable conditions for real estate development to meet the demand of buyers to stay and create the foundation. for a sustainable market.

“So we chose Thanh My Loi as the site for the development of the new Victoria Village project in the East, to build a civilized, crowded residential area, to provide real estate assets with sustainable added value.” , Novaland representative shared.

Victoria Village is conveniently located adjacent to the administrative center of District 2, connected to the existing cluster of Novaland (Lexington, The Sun Avenue, Lakeview), forming a modern residential complex in the East. .

The project is located on 4 fronts of Dong Van Cong, Truong Van Bang, Lam Quang Ky and Tran Mong Tuan. From the project can turn to Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway to Long Thanh airport or go to Vung Tau, Phan Thiet …

When the Ring Road 2 is completed, large vehicles will be circulated from Binh Thai crossroad through Cat Lai port, helping to reduce the pressure of traffic through Dong Van Cong and open the connection to the south. and west of Saigon.

Phối cảnh tổng thể khu căn hộ Victoria Village.

Overall view of Victoria Village.

The Victoria Village apartment complex consists of 4 25-storey towers and a basement, designed in European style, offering a light, airy view of the building. The towers are arranged in U-shape, with two 90-degree perpendicular wings with main verticals in two directions: Southeast – Southwest and Southwest – North West.

“This design helps to prevent direct sunlight in each apartment.” The vertical face shields and shade effectively to keep the air cool in every apartment. Area of ​​52-95m2, expected price from 2.5 billion a base, handed over basic finishing, “Novaland representative said.

Phối cảnh khu quảng trường công viên rộng 5.000m2.

The perspective of the park square is 5,000m2.

Victoria Village owns a modern interior system including a 5,000 square meter park, 750m2 swimming pool, children’s play area, gym room … The idea is the interference between ripples in the ocean, which promotes the close cohesion of community values. As a result, residents will experience a variety of relaxation, from strolls, sightseeing to interactive activities such as street music, sports … Surrounding the square is the service chain. commercial, high-end cuisine.

Minh Tri.

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